Positive Changes - Jewelry Suppliers Are Listening

September 13, 2009

In an earlier post, Recycling & Refining with Hoover & Strong, I wrote about some positive changes that were happening in the jewelry industry; jewelers are demanding more recycled and responsibly produced materials from their suppliers. I wanted to share some encouraging new developments taking place right now involving two of my suppliers, Hoover & Strong and Rio Grande.

I read about these updates on a fabulous newsletter called "Green Jewelry News" written by Christine Dhein. The following report is taken from her September newsletter:

"Rio Grande now offers over 1400 items including clasps, findings, disks, jump rings, headpins, beads, rings, pendants, and more that are manufactured in house using recycled sterling silver and over 800 items in recycled 14k gold. Email your Rio Grade representative for a complete list of the part numbers available in recycled metals. Rio does not yet offer third-party certification of the recycled content of their metals.

One supplier now offers third-party verification of the recycled content of their metals.  On August 4, 2009, Scientific Certification Systems (SCS), a globally-recognized independent third-party certifier and sustainability expert, certified the recycled metal content in Hoover & Strong's HARMONY Metals™ line.

Third-party certification provides a level of consumer confidence that self-declared claims cannot. SCS recycled content certification requires a desk audit, an on-site audit of production facilities and, in some cases, lab testing. All certifications are assessed through a transparent process and must be renewed annually.

The precious metals used in the HARMONY product line silver, gold, platinum and palladium are all derived from 100% recycled material from a variety of sources, including reclaimed jewelry, silverware, coins, electronics scrap, eyeglass frames, dental scrap, and more. These precious metals are mixed with base metals such as copper and zinc in the alloy-making process. The final HARMONY metal products, as audited and certified by SCS, contain a minimum of 88% recycled content."


Christine is an educator, author and jeweler. She is the Assistant Director of the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco where she teaches keum-boo, fabrication and a new "Green Jewelry" class. (see my post on Green Jewelry Class at Revere Academy) To receive Christine's monthly newsletter, send her an email with "Green Jewelry News Subscribe" as the subject. It's a great resource - sign up now!  

email:  christinedhein@yahoo.com


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