February 15, 2010

Apiece Apart is designed by Laura Cramer and Starr Hout.

The line combines the principles of simplicity, beauty and value. It consists of highly edited basics that can be mixed and matched - and will bring new life to your current wardrobe. If you have to purchase new clothes, I believe they should be well made, timeless and something that you will love and wear for a lifetime. These simple, clean basics from the Spring line are really refreshing.

"As a system, the garments are meant to replace a large disconnected wardrobe with a reduced grouping of a few key pieces that all work together."

"Our idea is to build a woman's wardrobe with a few must-have pieces that can all be worn together. Every piece is made ethically in New York, and is composed of the highest quality fabrics and sewing. We want women to have a perfect wardrobe of clothes that they feel good in and can wear often, saving time and energy for the more meaningful stuff of life. Our motto: With a few good pieces a woman can go anywhere."

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