Feast Cuff Bracelet- - Silver


Sterling Silver with Oxidation

1" H x 1 1/4" W tapering down to 3/4" at ends x 2 3/8” inner Dia

When I started carving this cuff I had something architectural in mind, but I soon noticed that the forms resembled hummingbird heads, so I let that lead me. My muse turned out to be a tiny hummingbird that had been visiting our deck to torment my cats and feast on the blooming succulents. It seemed to delight in discovering this secret deck garden bursting with sweet blooms to sample.

Watching it drink from each tiny flower I recalled a paper I read years ago on a study of the nectar-transport mechanics in hummingbird tongues. Nectarivores use their tongue as their primary food-gathering tool and the physics behind these complex and highly evolved feeding mechanisms is fascinating. I decided to let that paper inform some of the cuff design. The carved "mustache" shape at the base of each beak is what the cross-section of the cylindrical tongue grooves looks like. You can read more about this nectar-trapping mechanism in the paper here.

Striking and unusual - the cuff is prominent in scale without being heavy. An ode to the hummingbird, a powerful little pollinator.

Also available in yellow bronze.

Kirsten Muenster Jewelry