Banksia Pod Earrings - Brass


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Brass with Sterling Silver Posts and Earring Backs

3/4" Dia

These post earrings were inspired by the Australian Banksia Pod. The small clusters were hand carved in wax and then cast in brass. They are sold as a set and the pair differ slightly from each other. My work distills and reinterprets nature’s diverse patterns, textures, forms and imperfections.

More about the Australian Banksia Pod: In regions prone to fire, many plants and trees evolve some remarkable adaptions which ensure the survival of their species. One such adaption includes the ability to harness the heat and smoke of fires to help disperse their seeds.

The Banksia are reliant on both fire and water, as the follicles only split open to release the seeds after they are burned by the fire and then soaked by the rains that follow. These clustered openings, or seed chambers, are visually captivating and inspired a number of pieces in my Dispersion collection. Nature is amazing.


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