Des colliers qui rehaussent et ravissent. Des pierres rares et inhabituelles, des perles organiques sculptées à la main et des fermoirs rappellent des artefacts anciens. Colliers fluides en lapis, corail fossile, béryl émeraude, turquoise, tourmaline et quartz rutilé, doubles ou triples autour du cou. Des maillons de chaîne faits à la main, des cols audacieux et des poignets chics transforment les pièces du quotidien en œuvres d'art. Des designs à la fois fonctionnels et beaux. Des longueurs et des associations de perles personnalisables sont disponibles sur demande.

Unique Handmade Necklaces

Fluid statement jewelry that wraps elegantly around the neck. Unusual stone pendants, sculpted collars, and minimalist neck cuffs redefine your style. Long dramatic strands double or triple around the neck for a distinctive look. Form and function intertwine seamlessly in these necklaces’ handmade designs.

Our Commitment

At Kirsten Muenster Jewelry, we are deeply committed to ethical sourcing and minimizing our environmental impact. At our San Francisco studio, we use only 100% recycled precious metals and ethically sourced stones.

Our dedication to sustainability is at the heart of every piece we create, reflecting our respect for the planet and its communities.


Kirsten Muenster Jewelry’s unique handcrafted necklaces range from delicate layering pieces to bold stand-alone statements.

Layer a bold short collar with a long fluid stone strand for a striking combo. The distinctive carved pendants and stone or pearl charms will pair beautifully with your favorite chains and vintage charms.

Customize your necklace's length and bead arrangement for a truly bespoke creation.


Clean unique handmade jewelry necklaces gently with a soft cloth. Store separately in a fabric-lined box to avoid scratches.

Protect the stones and beads from hard impacts or force, as they can be delicate. Minimize excessive bending, pulling, or stretching to prevent fatigue and damage.

Prevent excessive moisture or contact with chemicals such as lotions, and perfumes to retain the beauty of your jewelry for years.

Design Philosophy

“Handcrafted objects tell a story, not only about the maker but also the wearer. You can feel the value and integrity in thoughtfully made things. My hope is that each piece tells a bit of my story and illuminates the inner landscape that inspires me to create.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer options for necklace customization?

Yes, KMJ offers a range of customization options for unique handmade necklaces. You can choose the length, select specific beads or stones, and even add personal engravings to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece.

Are your pieces made entirely by hand?

Yes, each of KMJ's necklaces is handcrafted in our San Francisco studio. From carving the organic clasps and components to knotting each bead, every step of the process is completed with meticulous attention to detail by the artist.

Are clasps on your necklaces easy to use?

Kirsten understands the importance of functionality as well as beauty and creates her unique clasps with this in mind. Intricate hand-carved clasps add visual and tactile elements to each necklace, elevating adornment from ordinary action to meaningful ritual. Position the clasp in the front, off to the side, or keep it a secret at the back of the neck.

Are the necklaces adjustable in length?

Most necklaces can be adjusted and customized to your liking. Contact Kirsten if you have any specific length requirements or questions.

How to determine the right necklace length for me?

Consider your neck size, height, and the neckline or style of clothing you’re wearing. Where do you like to experience your necklaces? Do you interact with them or prefer not to think about them once they’re on?

As a general rule, shorter necklaces (14-16 inches) sit at the base of the throat, while longer necklaces (18-20 inches) fall just below the collarbone.

For a versatile option, consider a 40 to 50-inch necklace, which can be worn alone (doubled or tripled around the neck) or layered with other pieces.