Quality + Craftsmanship

Every piece of jewelry is handcrafted, one piece at a time by Kirsten herself, bonding an exquisite level of consideration and detail to every aspect of the work. By seamlessly combining intuitive artistic expression with fine craftsmanship, Kirsten produces unique pieces that are as visually interesting as they are distinctively original.

Noteworthy features of Kirsten's jewelry line include her bold use of scale and ability to balance clean, minimal lines with raw, organic elements. Her pieces are substantial without being heavy, resulting in jewelry that is as comfortable to wear as it is striking. Each piece is a modern heirloom, telling a story of craftsmanship, thoughtful design, and unusual beauty. 

“I think a lot about the experience. Not only how it looks and functions, but how it feels (literally and figuratively). Having a growth mindset is important, the door is always open to experimentation, and play. Embrace the challenges, invite the dialog - new insights and discoveries help your work bloom.”

Pieces are inventive and also well-made, one thing is never prioritized over another - there is a balance. Earrings are versatile and lightweight. Rings and bracelets are bold and yet easily wearable. Designed to wrap, curl, and flow with the natural shapes of the body, poised and comfortable. 

As is evident in her distinctive clasp designs, for Kirsten, a clasp needs to work technically, be strong, secure, and well executed, but it should also be beautiful and bring joy to the user. Intricate hand-carved clasps add visual and tactile elements to each necklace, elevating adornment from ordinary action to meaningful ritual. 

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