Jewelry Care

Gold, silver, brass and bronze will naturally show wear and patina over time. Occasional cleaning with a polishing cloth will brighten the metal and remove oxidation. I recommend storing each piece individually in a plastic bag when not being worn to help combat the tarnishing process and protect the pieces from scratches.

I do not recommend using liquid jewelry cleaning solutions or "dips" on your jewelry, ever – they are highly toxic and can damage the stones and your health.

Avoid using perfume, lotions, oils and any other beauty products near your jewelry. Avoid exposing jewelry to household chemicals and cleaning products, which may damage the metal and stones.

Do not wear jewelry when swimming in chlorinated, salt water or mineral pools - or while bathing.

Excessive bending can cause metal to weaken and break. Keep adjustments like bending, pulling and squeezing to a minimum.

If your jewelry is in need of any adjustments, restringing, resizing, deeper cleaning, polishing or re-oxidizing, I'm happy to restore them. Please contact me for a price quote and shipping instructions.