Unique Handmade Rings

Rings are intimate objects - tiny sculptures that delight the wearer as well as the viewer. These unique handmade rings celebrate the interplay of color, texture, and materials. Organic hand-carved bands, vibrant stone statement rings, and sleek cigar bands in gold, silver, and bronze complement each other beautifully.
Explore the Unexpected

Handcrafted Rings By Kirsten Muenster Jewelry

Each handcrafted ring wraps luxuriously around the finger and becomes an extension of the wearer. Sourcing influences from modernist architecture to storied world cultures, these wearable sculptures will become a part of your personal story.

Our Commitment

Every unique handmade ring is crafted in our San Francisco studio, emphasizing ethical practices and environmental care. We use 100% recycled precious metals, and conflict-free stones, ensuring our materials are responsibly sourced.


Like the organic forms found in the natural world, these hand crafted rings range from bold statements to delicate details that allow for experimentation and contrast. Create a ring stack that reflects your own unique style and idiosyncrasies.


Your hand made rings will develop a unique patina and texture over time. Occasional cleaning with a polishing cloth can keep them looking like new. A mild soap and water cleaning is also fine for most pieces. Avoid harsh chemicals and toxic “jewelry dips” for cleaning, this can cause harm to the stones and the user.

Protect your rings by avoiding contact with perfumes, lotions, and household chemicals. Remove them before swimming or exposing them to chlorinated or salt water. Store each ring individually to protect against scratches, in an anti-tarnish pouch, sealed plastic bag, or a fabric-lined jewelry box.

Design Philosophy

“My work celebrates the subtle beauty of the natural world. The rings are like tiny worlds, that ask you to stop and look closer, imbued with moments of joy and surprise. I try to create special pieces that you reach for every day.”


Frequently Asked Questions

What sets your handmade rings apart?

These handmade rings are a labor of love, embodying the essence of slow fashion and fine craftsmanship. KMJ utilizes conflict-free stones and 100% recycled materials to reflect upon environmental stewardship.

For handmade gold rings, I use 100% recycled gold. You’ll also never see gold plating (Vermeil) in my rings and other creations.

Rings with a verdigris finish will naturally change color over time, setting them apart from everything else in your wardrobe.

Are your rings suitable for everyday wear?

Yes, these rings are designed for everyday wear and are crafted to last a lifetime. The solid 100% recycled gold, silver, and bronze ensure durability. The comfortable, ergonomic designs seamlessly flow and curl with the natural contours of your hand.

How should I care for my ring?

To care for your Kirsten Muenster ring, gently clean it with a soft cloth and avoid harsh chemicals. Remove it before physical activities that may cause a force impact on the ring. Limit exposure to chlorinated water and mineral pools to prevent unwanted tarnishing.

Store each ring separately to avoid scratches.

Can you create matching sets for couples?

Yes, I can create matching handmade rings for women and men. From tactile hand-carved rings to sleek bands, you can design a cohesive set that celebrates your auspicious union.

You can also request a custom engraving. This allows you to immortalize meaningful names, dates, or sentiments onto your rings, ensuring a one-of-a-kind expression of your love.

Can I request specific gemstones for my ring?

Yes, you can request specific gemstones for your ring. I work with a diverse range of ethically sourced, unique, and often overlooked gemstones and materials.

When requesting a specific gemstone for your ring, I’ll work to integrate it into a singular aesthetic vision that narrates your story through wearable art.