Kirsten creates timeless designs to last a lifetime and her environmental commitment extends to every aspect of the studio. It starts with responsible sourcing - using 100% recycled precious metals and/or Fairmined gold. Stones are researched and sourced responsibly, often procured from the miners and cutters themselves. 

All scrap metal is recycled or creatively reused. Pieces are shipped with minimal packing and the jewelry boxes are made of recycled materials with ribbons that can be reused. Postcards are printed with Greener Printer, prioritizing local and small businesses.

“I use more ‘elbow grease’ in the studio than chemicals. For example, I make my own non-toxic pickle with vinegar. It doesn’t clean the metal as well, so that means more laborious hand-work is needed to clean up the pieces. It’s a worthy trade-off for the sake of my health and the health of the environment.”

In a world of mass-produced jewelry, the allure of sparkling gems and precious metals often overshadows the journey they take from the earth to the jewelry box. However, Kirsten Muenster has been challenging this paradigm, pioneering sustainable practices that not only protect our planet but also enhance the intrinsic value of each piece she creates. By dedicating herself to bespoke craftsmanship and ethical practices, Kirsten champions a model for quality, heirloom jewelry that resonates with jewelry collectors who appreciate authenticity, artistry, and ethical luxury.

“Handcrafted objects tell a story, not only about the maker but also the wearer. My jewelry showcases process, technique, and tradition. Hopefully, that story reminds people about the connection between every set of hands along the chain. You can feel the value and integrity in thoughtfully made things.“

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