Handmade Chain Bracelet

Those of you who know me have seen me wearing this bracelet for a while now... I love it and feel pretty much naked without it. It's bold, elegant and commanding. I love the way it rolls up and down my arm as I go about my day and then always settles nicely around my wrist - it just feels good.

If you feel like this scale is a bit intimidating for your frame, don't worry, I make it in two sizes (this is the larger version). The smaller one features the same bold pattern in a thinner gauge wire and smaller links. They are both available in either oxidized brass or bronze (sterling silver and gold are available for custom order). Whichever you choose, it will be the most striking bracelet you own.

Handmade Chain Collection



  • Kirsten said:

    Thank you so much Meg!

  • meg moir said:

    It was great to meet you yesterday and see that lovely bracelet in person. Its refreshing to meet someone successfully designing and making jewelry while maintaining environmental & ethical business practices. Thanks for the inspiration!

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