Flora & Fauna Show at Shibumi Gallery

March 20 - April 30, 2022

Jewelry: Alexis Pavlantos, April Higashi, Curtis Arima, Hannah Alexandra, Kirsten Muenster, Manya and Roumen, Maya Kini, Megan Rugani, Mew Chiu, Mielle Harvey, Niki Ulehla.

Artwork & Books: Obi Kaufmann, Leah Aripotch, Nina Bocobo, Malia Landis

Nature has always been a distinct and driving source of inspiration for many of the artists who show with Shibumi Gallery. And during the pandemic not only have we appreciated the grounding force of nature and its beauty and tranquility, but the outdoors has also offered us some of the only safe spaces for connecting with family, friends and loved ones.

With spring comes new beginnings and as nature starts its quiet determination to bud forth again, Flora & Fauna pays homage not only to nature for its ability to inspire, but also for the shelter and haven it has offered us during these times.

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