An image promoting Kirsten Muenster Jewelry's Shibumi Gallery's 2020 PROCESS Exhibition.


PROCESS: Ten Makers share the journey in making their Art

March 21 through April 26, 2020


April Higashi - Painted Enamel
Arielle De Pinto - Crocheting Chain
Kai Wolter - Sin - Clastic Forming
Kirsten Muenster - Wax Carving
Matin by Christina Odegard - Carving / Forging
Mielle Harvey - Wax Sculpting
Nick Engel - Hand Fabrication
Niki Ulehla - Wood Carving
Raissa Bump - Textile Inspired Work
Sandra Enterline - Fabrication / Drilling

This show will feature ten artists with varying styles and will reveal their process of creating and making. The show includes photographs of their jewelry-making techniques, pieces that are in process, as well as the finished final works. Images and videos of the artists’ processes will also be shown through Instagram and on their blog in the coming months.

Humans have been making jewelry for tens of thousands of years. In fact, some of the oldest known beads date back to 100,000 years ago. Today artisans can choose to make their living using their hands and skills. Yet in a world dominated by technology, machinery and computers, these artisans and their skills are becoming rarer and rarer. In celebration of artists who continue the tradition of working by hand, this show will unveil the craft that go into creating and fabricating their work.

In an effort to help protect the health and safety of the community, Shibumi Gallery will now be open by appointment only until further notice. Please contact them at 510.528.7736 or to set up an appointment if you would like to visit the gallery.

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