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The Silk Road - Tales of the Exotic

Saturday, December 7th 2019 - from 5-9pm
Holiday Show - 1402 Fifth St, Berkeley, CA

I'm thrilled to be part of Shibumi Gallery's 15th Annual Holiday group show, inspired by the period of trade between 130 BCE and up to the 19th century, when the acquisition of exotic materials required exhaustive travel, by horse or camel, across continents. Merchants would set forth for months of journeying in search of lapis, coral, jade, pearls, silk, spices, diamonds, sapphires, beryl, amber, rubies, camel bone, ceramics, embroidery, tiles, sand and woven textiles to acquire, sell, and trade. While The Silk Roads were an ancient network of trade routes between the East and West they disseminated more than just goods. These routes also led to and inspired exchanges of ideas, philosophies, literature, technologies and traditions of arts and crafts.

Please join us as we pay homage to The Silk Road, which continues to stir the imagination with its mysterious and romantic notions of new cultures, adventures and beautiful and unusual finds.

Please RSVP for the opening party here.

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