New Book - 1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse

  • by Joseph Ternes

October 11, 2009

Cover and close up of my page with recycled silver and vintage belt buckle necklace.

1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse
Remake, Restyle, Recycle, Renew
by Garth Johnson

Artists and crafters have always been recyclers, but for many, it has not only become a thrifty choice, it has become a moral imperative. 1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse contains a cutting edge collection of the most inventive work being made with re-used, upcycled, and already existing materials. The work in this book ranges from clever and humble personal accessories to unique and important large-scale works of art, including paper art, fashion, jewelry, housewares, interiors, and installations.

I'm very excited to be included in this creative new book - thank you!

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