Convertible Dyad Belt


Convertible Dyad Belt in Yellow Bronze

approx 34” L x 1” W

Versatile, comfortable, transformative. Convertible Jewelry at its modern best. One piece that can be taken apart and worn a few different ways. The dramatic Dyad Belt transforms into the Dyad Necklace, the Dyad Bracelet, and the Dyad Chain Extender Bracelet. Wear each separately - or hook them together depending on your look.

The interlocking floral links are light and flexible. They follow the natural curves of the body for an elegant draping effect. The hidden clasps are beautifully integrated into the design so you won't know where one piece begins and the other ends.

You'll receive a 34" Long Belt that can be unhooked and worn as an 18" necklace and two different bracelets, or a 25" necklace and one bracelet.

Contact me if you'd like to order a custom length and I'll work with you to create the perfect fit.

Kirsten Muenster Jewelry