Jasper Earrings

Our jasper stone earrings tell an ancient story through the stone’s organic patterns, formed over millennia. Each pair is sculpted by hand, a unique collaboration between nature and the imagination.
Wear Nature's Palette

Jasper Earrings

Our jasper earrings mirror vibrant landscapes and organic patterns. From the delicate layered hues of desert sands to the distinctive orbicualar patterns reminiscent abstract paintings, each piece is a reflection of nature’s diversity. Adorn yourself with these one-of-a-kind creations.

Our Commitment

At Kirsten Muenster Jewelry, our commitment to craftsmanship and ethical practices is unwavering. The design and production of each piece respects the environment and the individuals involved in the supply chain.


The organic patterns of jasper stone earrings complement both minimalist and maximalist aesthetics. These atypical stones will draw the eye and invite a dialog - so be prepared to share their story.

I like pairing bold jasper earring with a stack of bangles from the collection. The interplay of materials and shapes will create a curated, experiential style.


Clean jasper earrings gently with a soft cloth. Remove before swimming or showering and avoid harsh chemicals or abrasives. Store them in an air-sealed plastic bag when not in use to prevent scratches.

Design Philosophy

“I create jewelry that I want to wear, pieces I dream about, that make me feel as if I’ve just discovered and unearthed some rare treasure. Wearing jewelry is such a sensual experience: slipping a smooth metal ring on your finger, wrapping a thickly woven chain around your wrist, or draping a strand of cold stones around your neck - it’s all about the intimacy of touch and becoming one with the jewelry.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is jasper so special?

Jasper is special because more than a gemstone, it is a one-of-a-kind canvas of nature’s artistry. It is revered for its unique patterns and earthy colors, a celebration of raw organic beauty and diversity.

Do jasper earrings vary in color?

Yes, the colors and patterns in jasper earrings can vary greatly even within the same stone. I like to pair complimentary stones in each pair of earrings I create, but no two pairs are alike.

Are jasper earrings durable?

Jasper rates 6.5-7 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it a durable gemstone suitable for everyday jewelry wear. However, it can still be scratched or chipped by harder materials. Dropping or hitting the stone may damage it.

Do jasper earrings require special care?

Handcrafted jasper pieces require gentle care. Clean with a soft cloth. Avoid exposure to harsh chemicals, heat, and ultrasonic cleaners which can damage the stone over time.