Handcrafted Bronze Earrings

Our bronze earrings are a modern homage to ancient artistry. Bold bronze dangles, ethereal floral studs, unusual hoops, and ear cuffs - the collection spans a range of creative pieces that complement each other. Inspired by nature’s organic architecture, the sensual curves, tactile surfaces, and colorful patinas invite exploration and discovery. Bronze earrings are the perfect way to add a hint of unexpected beauty to help narrate your own story. 

Unique Handcrafted Bronze Earrings

Our bronze statement earrings are sculpted by hand and capture the distinctive aesthetic of the artist. The process begins with carving each design in wax, creating a mold, and then lost-wax casting using a custom-made yellow bronze alloy. Edges are polished to highlight the different textures and bring out the intricate details of each organic design. The rich, warm hue of the metal develops a beautiful natural patina over time.

Our Commitment

Environmental commitment extends to every aspect of the studio. From one-of-a-kind to small batch production, every piece is made by hand in our San Francisco studio utilizing 100% Recycled, Fair Trade, and ethically sourced materials. Our intention is to create timeless pieces the collector will reach for day after day, year after year — pieces to be treasured, cared for and eventually passed on.


Bronze earrings can be dressed up or down, complementing both day and night looks. Bronze mixes beautifully with all the metals, so don’t be afraid to layer it up with your gold, silver, and vintage pieces. You can pair our bronze dangle and hoop earrings with everything from an open tunic neckline to a high turtleneck - their intricate designs will draw attention and catch the light as they move and sway.

For an understated chic look, pair your favorite organic studs with an ear cuff on each ear.


I'm drawn to the warm color and ancient origins of bronze. It will patina and darken naturally and beautifully over time, so embrace the change. Edges that are touched more often get brighter while the recess areas get darker, adding a beautiful depth to the work. Some pieces have a green verdigris patina and that will also evolve and change as the piece ages.

Moisture and air accelerate the oxidation process. To help retain their shine for a long time, do not get the pieces wet, and when you’re not wearing them, store them in an airtight plastic bag.

Design Philosophy

“Carved by hand, rooted in nature. I take hints, gestures, and details from nature and create newly imagined organic forms. Unusual materials, ancient artifacts, architecture, and crafting techniques inspire my work and process. The pieces are bold in scale - substantial without being heavy. They capture the patina of time and reveal the beauty in the unexpected.”


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean bronze earrings?

To care for your earrings, gently wipe with a soft cloth after each wear to remove oils and dirt and store them in a dry place, preferably a sealed plastic bag to help slow down this process. To bring back a brighter shine to dark bronze earrings, use a polishing cloth to clean the surface. For a deeper re-polish, you can send your KMJ pieces in for a professional touch-up by the artist. 

Are bronze earrings suitable for sensitive ears?

Bronze earrings are safe and wearable for most people. Our earrings feature sterling silver ear posts and earring backs which are always nickel-free.

Bronze is an alloy of copper, tin, and zinc. Copper can occasionally cause the skin to oxidize underneath the jewelry, causing a greenish/grey color to appear. This is not an allergy. The skin oxidizes when moisture gets trapped between the jewelry and the skin. To help avoid this, keep the skin and jewelry completely dry, and free of oils, lotions, and perfume.

Can bronze earrings be worn in water?

I suggest removing all jewelry before bathing or swimming. Chlorine and salt in water can accelerate corrosion and damage most metals. 

Are bronze earrings durable and long-lasting?

Yes, bronze is a durable and ancient metal. With proper care, bronze earrings can last for generations.

What makes bronze earrings a popular choice?

Bronze earrings are favored for their warm, golden glow and ancient heritage. They offer a polished finish that pairs well with various metals and stones. The material’s ability to develop a unique patina over time enhances its character.