Unique Handmade Earrings

From everyday essentials to distinctive statement earrings in gold, silver, and yellow bronze - this collection of unique handmade earrings features effortless studs, elegant hoops, dramatic dangles, drop earrings, and one-of-a-kind stone designs. Every pair in the collection is a celebration of nature coupled with a commitment to originality and fine craftsmanship.

Kirsten Muenster Jewelry

Limited Edition & One-of-a-Kind Earrings

Handmade unique earrings add distinctive elements to your look. Whether you love small or large earrings, you'll find something unique and expressive that elevates your style.

Model wearing Two Tier Dyad Earrings by Kirsten Muenter
Model wearing KMJ Silver Slide Earrings

Our Commitment

At Kirsten Muenster Jewelry, we create handmade earrings utilizing sustainable practices and a thoughtful slow fashion approach. Every piece is imbued with curiosity, innovation, and meticulous craft.

We work exclusively with 100% recycled precious metals, and conflict-free stones, ensuring our collection is unique and environmentally conscious.


The earrings’ handmade designs are an extension of your individuality.

The Banksia Medallion earrings complement most looks with their organic forms. For a subtle touch, opt for the delicate Spire or Tiny Leaf post earrings with an upswept hairstyle. Complement a bolder aesthetic with the dramatic Dyad Three-Tier dangle earrings. The key is finding pieces that bring you joy.


To care for Kirsten Muenster Jewelry’s handcrafted earrings, gently wipe them with a soft cloth after wear. Avoid contact with chemicals, cosmetics, and moisture. For earrings featuring gemstones, handle with care and store each pair individually in a sealed baggie or box to prevent scratches and tangles.

Design Philosophy

“In the studio, every creation is a journey where every element is considered. From the handmade clasps to my hand-scribed signature, each detail becomes part of the story. I create jewelry that I want to wear, pieces I dream about, that make me feel as if I’ve just discovered and unearthed some rare treasure.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request custom earring designs?

Custom earring design requests are welcome. This process is a rewarding collaboration for those seeking highly specialized, deeply personal, and one-of-a-kind pieces. Creating bespoke pieces with clients reflects Kirsten’s belief in the inherent value of individuality and uniqueness.

Are your earrings suitable for sensitive ears?

KMJ’s handcrafted earrings are suitable for sensitive ears. The earring posts and backs are made of nickel-free 14K gold or sterling silver. The designs prioritize comfort and fine craftsmanship.

Can I adjust the earring length?

Most Kirsten Muenster Jewelry earrings allow for customization requests. Many dangle designs can be adjusted in length to suit your personal preference. Earring posts can be made longer and on some designs, the post earrings can be converted to a hoop or ear wire style.

Are your earrings nickel-free?

Yes, all handmade jewelry earrings, posts, and earring backs are 100% nickel-free. This makes them an excellent choice for individuals with metal sensitivities.

Should I wear silver or gold?

Kirsten Muenster Jewelry offers unique, seasonless options in both gold and silver. Choosing between silver or gold earrings depends on your preference and the tone that complements you best. Explore, play, mix it up. They are both timeless metals that are always in style.